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Vision and Mission


 Abhedya is part of a global federation and a full affiliate of  International that has presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Since 1972, the poor and the excluded have been at the center of our discourse and actions in India. In 2006, we got registered as an Indian organisation called ActionAid Association. We are governed by an independent General Assembly and a Governing Board.

Our Vision

To ensure a Resurgent, Undivided & Undaunted India, which no longeryields to any form of economic, physical and mental colonization and creates a Dharmic Empire of true Harmony & unbound universal peace

Our Objective

  • The urban and rural societies need to come together & battle Poverty, Lack of Education & Health and not wait for the govts to deliver.
  • Replace the “Maibaap Sarkaar Raj” with the rule of Dharma/Justice
  • Raise people’s level of Consciousness to enable people to ensure govts create an environment conducive to Sustained Development & Justice
  • Expose youngsters to the grass roots and encourage them to get into Political/Public life & not because they have money, contacts & ambition

Overall Goal

All of this is incomprehensible for the mind that fears & favors with the mere change of skin on anything. The real issue is that the mind can not frame a question wide & deep enough where all the answer can come & sit in. It frames questions in fragments & gets answers in fragments but never the complete answer as the universe reveals only as much as you ask it to. The complete truth can never be reached through the mind alone.

In ancient India/ Vedic age the music, dance, paintings, sculptors, architectures, social institutions were designed to stitch in spirituality into the fabric of the society. This fabric was painstakingly created over thousands of years to ensure that the consciousness of a person can be raised to a significant level to ensure his liberation & peaceful sustenance of the society. Hence, we work on the common man’s Consciousness/Chetna