All Residues Of Influence diminish and dissolve

Bring together the best of urban and rural practices for betterment.


…but what is that these men & women stood for ? what does India stand for ? What is that we want to defend ? What is that we want to contribute to the world ?

The quest for truth is paramount to India’s story & journey as a civilisation. Theoretically the idea of truth can change but its quest never. The quest itself became the cause & effect of piety & order in the Indian society. India has been a laboratory for experimenting with truth & not a production unit for manufacturing it. The quest that nurtures the free will of the seeker. However, it does not disrespect or disagree with other quests or paths and seekers, contemporary or from the past. Over vast stretches of time India has become the container of this Indianness /Hinduness, which holds the very spirit for the quest of truth. Hence, India is the name of a relentless quest for truth. The truth that these men & women became researching it. Across the world, manufacturing one’s own truth in a factory & selling & pushing it like a product has not only created unhealthy competition but has given birth to wars & genocides. India’s quest for truth created a social order which evolved towards realising the futility of manufactured truths & religions, which sold themselves in exchange of people souls, turning them into murderers & terrorists; becoming the root cause of disharmony & barbarism across the world. No philosophy is preposterous just because it is contrary to yours but because the individual & social psyche it creates. Probably with this realisation evolved the concept of Dharma, which meant evolving sustainable social phenomenon that benefits both – the individual & the society. The prevalence & preference of the earnest sincere joy of connectedness amongst human beings & other forms of life over short lived euphoric benefits & pleasures created by surges of personal gain & ambition in individual & societal nuero-systems, is dharma. 

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