Success For A Society Is Rooted And Begins Within Individuals

Enable People To Ensure Sustained Social Individual Development.


Success for a society is  rooted  & begins for an individual when the society revokes its role of a seller & propagandist and stops indoctrinating individuals  to think & act in certain ways only.

When  Governments, Private  Corporations,  Pressure groups, organised religions , cults realise the futility of their want for power & stop manipulating the individual by guaranteeing  eternal liberty & happiness, which they themselves do not posses , a new era of free thinking & desire -less action emerges.

A society that  “facilitates”  the individual to reach a point  in life  where he /she  does not bear any flag  or any identity can be deemed to be successful in the true sense.   A point where all residues of “influence” diminish & dissolve. Such a point can be  reached when all institutions, facilitate the natural & spontaneous flow of an individual’s consciousness. A consciousness  which in turn unfolds, creates & sustains learning of different forms that benefits the society  & strengthens its infrastructure meant to liberate the individual otherwise caught in the crossfire of propoganda wars.  An individual reaches a state, where “achievement” exists but the “achiever” does not. This is when the individual can be said to be rooted in success. Success where personal ambition & ego loose lustre. Obsessions & passions start tiring the core of the person and are replaced by perpetual & deep calmness surrounded by unbound joy.

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