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Success for society is rooted & begins for an individual when the society revokes its role of a seller & propagandist and stops indoctrinating individuals to think & act in certain ways only.
When Governments, Private Corporations, Pressure groups, organized religions, cults realize the futility of their want for power & stop manipulating the individual by guaranteeing eternal liberty & happiness, which they themselves do not possess, a new era of free thinking & desireless action emerges.
A society that “facilitates” the individual to reach a point in life where he /she does not bear any flag or any identity can be deemed to be successful in the true sense. A point where all residues of “influence” diminish & dissolve. Such a point can be reached when all institutions, facilitate the natural & spontaneous flow of an individual’s consciousness. A consciousness which in turn unfolds creates & sustains learning of different forms that benefit the society & strengthens its infrastructure meant to liberate the individual otherwise caught in the crossfire of propaganda wars. An individual reaches a state, where “achievement” exists but the “achiever” does not. This is when the individual can be said to be rooted in success. Success where personal ambition & ego loose luster. Obsessions & passions start tiring the core of the person and are replaced by perpetual & deep calmness surrounded by unbound joy.


  1. The urban and rural societies need to come together & battle Poverty, Lack of Education & Health and not wait for the govts to deliver.
  2. Replace the “Maibaap Sarkaar Raj”(Colonial) with the rule of Dharma/Justice.
  3. Raise people’s level of Consciousness to enable people to ensure govts create an environment conducive to Sustained Development & Justice.
  4. Expose youngsters to the grassroots and encourage them to get into Political/Public life & not because they have money, contacts & ambition.