Focused Areas





About 1.5 years back we primarily started working on local village gov school.
All the classrooms now have desks. We have provided functional toilets, electricity connections, computers, basic sports kits and mid day meal arrangements. This has not only improved the education quality because of increased teacher attendance but also the students enjoy coming to schools and never miss a day.





Probably India’s first all tribal IT company

We have started an IT company in the village by getting basic computers contributed by our friends and supporters and have managed to get a couple of Data entry projects too. This has given young women a chance to take up employment within the village.





We are trying to build a series of stop dams and lakes in the forest area of the village.

FOR A FARMER H2O (Water) is O2 (Oxygen)

~ It would increase the crop yield by 100%-200% making a quantum leap in the socio-economic status of the Farmers

~ Raise the water table in the entire cluster of villages

~ Avail water for wild animals & specially the Tiger which has started visiting the Urban lakes in Bhopal